2D Topological / Strongly Correlated System

 Topological phase is a novel state of quantum matter, distinct from conventional quantum phases that usually emerge from spontaneously broken symmetries. Instead, they are associated with the geometric properties of the quantum wave function of the system, which endow the system with distinctive electronic and optical features.
A strongly correlated system, another intriguing aspect of quantum matter, is a system where the strong Coulomb repulsive interaction among electrons precipitates their collective behavior and gives rise to many-body effects, such as unconventional superconductivity, Mott insulators and correlated magnetism.
In exploring those quantum properties of matters, our research focuses on two-dimensional systems hosting topologically non-trivial bands where strongly interacting electrons coexist, potentially giving rise to exotic quantum phenomena through their interplay. Our goal is to uncover novel quantum states within strongly correlated topological systems and to explore potential applications in topological electronic devices, while seeking new platforms for topological quantum computation.